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Spiritual death is what happens when a righteous person turns to do evil according to many Bible passages. King David is an example of a person who died spiritually or lost his salvation when he turned to adultery and murder. Spiritual death is an ongoing danger for Christians even though it is often denied by various false teachers.

Do Not Be Deceived

The Bible is a common possession of hundreds of millions of people, yet despite the repeated words of caution in it regarding not being deceived about being in sin, including lust (Mt. 5:28,29) and having salvation at the same time, … Continue reading

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Hate Evil

All throughout the Bible we are encouraged to fear the LORD, but what does that mean? One verse especially tells us what it is. To some it will come as a surprise: To fear the LORD is to hate evil. … Continue reading

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Will Be Saved

The phrase will be saved occurs about a dozen times in the New Testament and is used in different ways. Of all of them, there are three times it is used the same way (Mat 10:22; 24:13; Mk 13:13). All … Continue reading

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Spiritual Death

At present, many wrongly believe there are only two possible positions regarding salvation among professing “born again” Christians, that is, one is either once saved always saved or he was never saved to begin with. They exclude the prodigal son … Continue reading

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