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A paradise eternity beyond the grave actually exists for the overcomer. Imagine a place that is absolutely wonderful in every way plus being in God’s holy, loving presence. Such is reserved for the overcomer.

God On His Throne

God on his throne is the center of the universe. It is from there that the Almighty creator God rules his universe. The Lord Jesus came from there to come to earth and both Paul and John were caught up … Continue reading

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Home Of Righteousness

The definition of home can vary greatly depending upon the person. While is it true that a Christian has an earthly home made from wood like other people, and their own physical body is also a type of home (2 … Continue reading

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Will You Eat From The Tree Of Life

The tree of life no longer grows on our planet, but it once did in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were there. It was located in the center of Eden next to the forbidden fruit growing from … Continue reading

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