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Dan Corner is a holiness preacher with many years of evangelism and pastor experience. His apologetic background and dealing with various cults of our day have enabled Dan Corner to offer unique spiritual insights for people looking for God’s truth.

Be Sin Conscious

To teach be sin conscious in our day of rampant heresies is to invite ridicule and opposition. I know that, but that doesn’t change the Biblical message one iota! The grace changers (mainly consisting of the once saved always saved … Continue reading

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Lou Gehrig

Lou Gehrig (1903-1941) was a legend and phenomenal Yankee baseball player during the 1920’s and 1930’s. He was nicknamed the iron horse for his endurance and strength and played 2,130 straight games. Lou Gehrig was young, strong and healthy when … Continue reading

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Temptation Of Money

Recently in SW Pennsylvania, we were surprised by the murder and theft of 2.3 million dollars in an armored car robbery by one of the guards, Kenneth Konias, Jr. Konias murdered his partner (Michael Haines) and left with the cash! … Continue reading

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Dan Corner Debates False Teacher Dave Hunt

Dan Corner Exposed a False Teacher Before Dave Hunt started his ministry, he had a career as a CPA- management consultant and also managed several corporations. His religious beliefs have been influenced by Plymouth Brethren. Now Hunt is a popular … Continue reading

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I am a Vatican I Tridentine Catholic

(QUESTION) I read your comments on Purgatory. I am wondering this: if you are truly interested in spreading “Christian Love”, why do you even have such a website? I am a Vatican I Tridentine Catholic. Usually I don’t say whether … Continue reading

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Jude 24 | He is Able To Keep You From Falling

The Holy Spirit through Jude wrote a stirring emergency epistle for all Christians to contend for the faith against the grace changers. At the end of that epistle, Jude wrote something which has often been misused by the grace changers … Continue reading

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Dan Corner Former Roman Catholic Testimony Video

Dan Corner is a former Roman Catholic, who wanted to stay a Roman Catholic, but was changed by reading the Catholic Bible! Dan Corner once wore the brown scapular, purchased masses to get people out of Purgatory sooner, bowed before … Continue reading

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Mother Mary

One day when Jesus was teaching about demons and how an exorcized one will return to the person it was driven from, Jesus was abruptly interrupted by a woman, who was just like a modern day Catholic! She totally changed … Continue reading

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Do We Sin Every Day or Sin All The Time?

How distressing it is to hear a professing Christian nonchalantly say he sins all the time or sins every day! Such a person is a victim, held captive and duped by the popular security in sin, counterfeit grace, false gospel … Continue reading

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The Pornography Letter

The power of sin is horrific. Sin defiles, contaminates, deadens the SOUL of man and more. It ruins and cripples earthly lives through addictions, criminal acts, suicide, etc. The anguish of sin is another thing and has been expressed millions … Continue reading

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