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Suicide is self MURDER. It is a temptation from the devil and must be resisted. This form of murder is unlike others, which allow one to repent. No murderer has eternal life in him.

Rick Warren’s Son Commits Suicide

Famous Rick Warren who wrote, The Purpose Driven Life and taught eternal security, has lost his son to suicide. (See picture to right. Photo Courtesy Saddleback Church.) Could it be that the spiritual snare of eternal security led to his … Continue reading

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“I Cannot Take Living Any Longer”

Antjuan Miguel Colvin, 21, from California decided to end his life by parking his car on an Amtrak railroad crossing. When the speeding train hit his car at 75 mph he died. He left a suicide note on Facebook just … Continue reading

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Adultery Then Sudden Destruction

Adulterous affairs—they happen far too frequently in this wicked world to the shame and hurt of all involved. Jesus said it was an adulterous generation and many are acting it out. Recently, both a married adulterer (Wayne Hamilton, a deejay … Continue reading

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Junior Seau Suicide

Former NFL linebacker Junior Seau was found dead today at the age of 43 by his live in girlfriend. He was shot in the chest from a shotgun and the police suspect suicide! In 2010 he drove his vehicle over a … Continue reading

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David’s testimony (mp3) Suicide is another name for self-murder and its source is clearly the devil. Suicide is not the way of escaping problems and pain, but of making things much worse. No one, regardless how discouraged, should ever entertain … Continue reading

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