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Just like there is physical blindness, there is also spiritual blindness according to the Bible. Such spiritually blind people cannot see various spiritual things which others can.

A Chilling Encounter With The Spiritually Blind

Recently my wife and I had a chilling encounter with a Baptist’s minister’s wife. After she received our heaven/hell gospel tract and mentioned who she was, I asked if she believed in once saved always saved. She responded, NO. That … Continue reading

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Pride is a unique type of sin, as well as a manifestation of spiritual ignorance, even though some very intelligent people are proud! In fact, a high IQ can tend to lead to pride as does beauty, strength, wealth, power, … Continue reading

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Do Not Be Deceived

The Bible is a common possession of hundreds of millions of people, yet despite the repeated words of caution in it regarding not being deceived about being in sin, including lust (Mt. 5:28,29) and having salvation at the same time, … Continue reading

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Unaware Of The Danger

Imagine what it would be like to be in mortal danger, yet to be totally unaware of it. Certainly, many on the verge of a fatal heart attack are like that along with scores of others who have other serious … Continue reading

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