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Grace is one of the Biblical terms which has been distorted into something it clearly isn’t. Primarily grace is now believed to be a license for immorality because it is taught that way by so many in powerful places.

Contend For The Faith

Jude refers to a very serious spiritual emergency, which needed the immediate attention of all Christians everywhere to resolve, if that was possible. They were urged to contend for the faith. That emergency centered around doctrine and the subject was … Continue reading

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According To What He Has Done and ETERNAL LIFE

How often we have been taught by today’s popular “Bible” teachers that our deeds are not important for salvation, as the same teachers stress faith in Jesus for eternal life. The uninformed listener concludes his behavior (even sinful behavior) is … Continue reading

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No one who believes the Bible is God’s word should try to dispute the clear fact that JESUS is our righteousness, holiness, etc. (1 Cor. 1:30; etc.) and he becomes our righteousness through a submissive faith in JESUS (Rom. 3:22; … Continue reading

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The Sin Of Unbelief

Is the sin of unbelief the only sin that will cause one to not inherit eternal life and to be thrown into the lake of fire? The Biblical answer is a categorical, No. In contrast to Biblical truth, the message … Continue reading

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John 3:16 and Eternal Life

If there is just one verse which evangelical Bible-using people know it is John 3:16. It is commonly heard in Bible preaching circles, but often misunderstood and misused to teach and even allow for the heresy of once saved always … Continue reading

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Love God

One of the signs of our perilous last days is religious people, with only a form of godliness, being lovers of pleasure more than lovers of God (2 Tim. 1:5). Just that truth alone about the seriousness of not loving … Continue reading

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Will Be Saved

The phrase will be saved occurs about a dozen times in the New Testament and is used in different ways. Of all of them, there are three times it is used the same way (Mat 10:22; 24:13; Mk 13:13). All … Continue reading

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What Grace Is NOT

The common version of grace most know is absolutely false! The dangerous counterfeit version of grace, which I am referring to is, grace is getting what you don’t deserve, or grace is unmerited favor. Such is also inferred through multiple … Continue reading

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Fallen From Grace

In our day, if a sex scandal is revealed and one’s popularity deteriorates as with Jim Bakker, Ted Haggard, Jimmy Swaggart or Sandi Patty, then such a person is referred to as fallen from grace. That however, is not the … Continue reading

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