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Your SOUL is extremely precious, according to God! In fact, your SOUL is your MOST precious possession even if you are a multi-billionaire!!! Is it well with your SOUL?

Duncan MacDougall and The Soul

As strange as it might sound, in 1907 Dr. Duncan MacDougall from Massachusetts tried to prove man has a soul by weighing dying people at their death. When done he noticed a slight weight change occurred. The weight change was … Continue reading

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Contend For The Faith

Jude refers to a very serious spiritual emergency, which needed the immediate attention of all Christians everywhere to resolve, if that was possible. They were urged to contend for the faith. That emergency centered around doctrine and the subject was … Continue reading

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Your Soul – Your Most Valuable Possession

On more than one occasion while soul winning I’ve asked people what their most valuable possession is. I then quickly supplied the typical answer, which most people would say – their house, their health, their family, their money, etc. None … Continue reading

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