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Jesus taught us to pray to the Father, to be led away from temptation. Temptation preceeds sin and sin can bring about damnation. Hence, if temptation can be resisted successfully, sin will not be the downfall.

I Am a Christian Addicted To Porn

[Bible Question] Hi I’ve been addicted to porn for about a year now. I am a Christian struggling with this temptation and I go back and forth worshiping god one day, and then the next doing porn. I’m sick of … Continue reading

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An Enemy In Disguise

There are two types of enemies, though both might want you dead! One type is the obvious and openly hateful person who emanates contempt and ill will for you. The other type of enemy is actually more dangerous than the … Continue reading

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Temptation Of Money

Recently in SW Pennsylvania, we were surprised by the murder and theft of 2.3 million dollars in an armored car robbery by one of the guards, Kenneth Konias, Jr. Konias murdered his partner (Michael Haines) and left with the cash! … Continue reading

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Forgive Others

To forgive others who sin against you is vital for salvation’s sake (Mat 18:34,35). There is no need to go any further than that to show its significance, but it is interesting to note the Biblical examples of those who … Continue reading

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Porn Addiction

(BIBLE QUESTION) I found your site while searching for answers and I was thoroughly blessed. However, I felt the need to talk to someone about a present recurring challenge. I’m confused as to why a born again, spirit filled person … Continue reading

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Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and Others

If one would measure success in the eyes of the world, among other enviable people in their day, singer Whitney Houston would be at the top. She once had the fame, talent, beauty and money. Just like thousands of others, … Continue reading

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It Is Also Written

A surprising detail about the devil is, he can actually quote Scripture! He did that when he tempted Jesus! Imagine that! The evil one, who hates God’s word and steals it away from some (Mt. 13:19), will also quote Scripture … Continue reading

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Do We Sin Every Day or Sin All The Time?

How distressing it is to hear a professing Christian nonchalantly say he sins all the time or sins every day! Such a person is a victim, held captive and duped by the popular security in sin, counterfeit grace, false gospel … Continue reading

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As Aliens and Strangers

Imagine what it would be like to land on a planet that was inhabited with busy intelligent life! You would be a complete misfit (alien and stranger) to their ways, interests and goals. Such is really a very similar situation … Continue reading

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Unequally Yoked

The command and safeguard to be separate from unbelievers and not be unequally yoked with them is vital. For a Christian to have close dealings with any unbeliever as in a business, marriage or even a friendship is to open … Continue reading

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