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Money has been an issue for mankind for thousands of years. Jesus addressed the subject of money and you may be surprised by what he said.

Better To Be Poor Than A Liar

The poor have a much harder life than those who have more material possessions and better living conditions. Poverty often leads to disease, oppression and a much shorter earthly life. Living in poverty has never been desirable, but there is … Continue reading

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Burn The $5,000,000

Some meaty Bible nuggets are stated in a way in which they can be easily missed!  In Acts 19:18-20 we have such a case. The setting is Ephesus and the timing is when Paul was there. Ephesus was a stronghold … Continue reading

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Temptation Of Money

Recently in SW Pennsylvania, we were surprised by the murder and theft of 2.3 million dollars in an armored car robbery by one of the guards, Kenneth Konias, Jr. Konias murdered his partner (Michael Haines) and left with the cash! … Continue reading

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Whitney Houston, Elvis Presley and Others

If one would measure success in the eyes of the world, among other enviable people in their day, singer Whitney Houston would be at the top. She once had the fame, talent, beauty and money. Just like thousands of others, … Continue reading

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For The Love Of Money

It is very disheartening to come to grips with the way this world system and the professing church system often work, with very few exceptions. The truth is, much injustice and wickedness have been and are being spread because people … Continue reading

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