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God opposes the proud and gives GRACE to the humble. That truth alone shows how DEADLY the sin of PRIDE can be. Guard yourself against pride.

Pride Is A Killer

One of the less obvious spiritual killer sins is pride. Pride can be very subtle, unlike theft, slander, murder, the form of adultery that David committed and many other sins. Some people in pride surely aren’t aware of it or … Continue reading

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New Christian

A new Christian is a spiritually blessed person, who has recently been washed and freed from his sin addictions because of his repentance and obedient faith in Jesus. A new Christian is exciting to observe. He is usually “on fire” … Continue reading

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Pride is a unique type of sin, as well as a manifestation of spiritual ignorance, even though some very intelligent people are proud! In fact, a high IQ can tend to lead to pride as does beauty, strength, wealth, power, … Continue reading

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