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There are right and wrong ways to study the Bible.

Out Of Context Scriptures

To remove a verse of God’s word (the Bible) from its context, is to potentially distort it into something far different from its intended meaning. This is somewhat of a common practice, which seems to have people understanding that verse … Continue reading

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The Teaching Of Christ

It is so spiritually dark that some people who profess to be Christians, have actually discounted the teaching of Christ, written in the four gospels, yet claim to follow him! In other words, some who profess to be Christians dismiss … Continue reading

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How NOT To Study The Bible

Because I was wearing one of my Bible shirts, I had a witnessing encounter with a professing Christian, which might never have occurred otherwise. It turned out that the man was cleaving tightly to various heretical concepts, even after reading … Continue reading

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It Is Also Written

A surprising detail about the devil is, he can actually quote Scripture! He did that when he tempted Jesus! Imagine that! The evil one, who hates God’s word and steals it away from some (Mt. 13:19), will also quote Scripture … Continue reading

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