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Sin is still the issue as it has always been since the Garden of Eden. Do not be deceived by the servants of the devil who downplay the seriousness of sinning.

Alcoholic Risks His Life For Beer

The bondage of sin manifests in various ways and is easily observed in an alcoholic. Recently, an alcoholic who walks with a cane, went back into his burning house in Georgia to get the beer he left behind! That man … Continue reading

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I Have Sinned

The phrase I have sinned is found throughout the Bible. It ranges from Pharaoh to Judas Iscariot. Strangely, not all who acknowledge their sin in that way repented to find forgiveness.  There is a definite difference between saying I have … Continue reading

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Pride Is A Killer

One of the less obvious spiritual killer sins is pride. Pride can be very subtle, unlike theft, slander, murder, the form of adultery that David committed and many other sins. Some people in pride surely aren’t aware of it or … Continue reading

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Don’t Be Like A Dumb Monkey

An important spiritual lesson can be learned by observing how a monkey is sometimes caught. In this video he grabs the bait, but can’t get his hand out of the narrow hole because he won’t let go! If he merely let … Continue reading

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The Eyes Of The Lord

The eyes of the Lord are everywhere. That truth reveals that God is omniscient (all-knowing). That particular attribute, unique to God, is under attack, even by people who believe in God’s existence! In various subtle ways, the implications of  – … Continue reading

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Be Sin Conscious

To teach be sin conscious in our day of rampant heresies is to invite ridicule and opposition. I know that, but that doesn’t change the Biblical message one iota! The grace changers (mainly consisting of the once saved always saved … Continue reading

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I Am a Christian Addicted To Porn

[Bible Question] Hi I’ve been addicted to porn for about a year now. I am a Christian struggling with this temptation and I go back and forth worshiping god one day, and then the next doing porn. I’m sick of … Continue reading

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Trapped In PORN

[Comment Related To Eternal Life] I was saved around the age of 11. I followed the Lord for a couple years. But then my family moved to a different town, and we ended up at a less biblical church. I … Continue reading

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Images and Christianity

The New Testament is comprised of 27 books inspired by the Holy Spirit. The precious truths of God therein contained enable mankind in our era to learn about the teachings and practices embraced in first century Christianity and how to … Continue reading

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An Enemy In Disguise

There are two types of enemies, though both might want you dead! One type is the obvious and openly hateful person who emanates contempt and ill will for you. The other type of enemy is actually more dangerous than the … Continue reading

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