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Calvinism is a gross perversion of God’s word and must be opposed by Christians. Here we will Biblically refute this pernicious lie of Satan.

Save Yourselves To Get Eternal Life

Unless you read the Bible for yourself, you will NEVER come into contact with certain truths of God. Some are so foreign to how many religiously think, that when those truths are discovered they seem like they should not belong … Continue reading

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Did Abraham Lie

It is so distressing to be taught by an eternal security teacher. Why? Because the bottom line in everything they declare about salvation security will downplay the seriousness of sinning somehow. To convince the listeners that one is forever saved, … Continue reading

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Calvinistic Eternal Life Poison

One of the hidden and embarrassingly false doctrines in Calvinism is double predestination, which is directly related to salvation and eternal life. It says: By the decree of God, for the manifestation of His glory, some men and angels are … Continue reading

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Joy Of Salvation

The only time the joy of salvation is cited in the word of God is at Psalm 51:12. It was mentioned in King David’s prayer after he repented and got saved again: Joy Of Salvation Passage Restore to me the … Continue reading

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