Is The Catholic Church The One True Church

Typical Catholic Comments and Their False Beliefs

[Actual Comments From a Catholic] I read your post insulting one of our beloved Popes, and I must say: what a poor church one true church
You see, you follow a man made religion that came 1500 years after Christ. The Catholic Church has been shown to be the true Church through out the centuries. I read a little piece where you call the Virgin Mary a “Mythical Mary”…We have the evidence of divine revelation, on countless occasions God has revealed Himself by apparitions, and demonstrated His Omnipotence by stupendous, obviously supernatural miracles. Many of these revelations are a matter of authenticated historical record. The Scriptures, for example, are full of such accounts; and in modern times the world has been witness to such Heaven-sent miracles as those at Fatima, Lourdes, and St. Anne de Beaupré in Quebec, Canada, where the cured have left a forest of crutches in testimony….Just to mention only a few of the miracles still on-going in the 20th century, which proves that the Catholic Church is the one true Church. Come out of your heresy before it’s too late. Sola fida and sola Scriptura are false heretical doctrine invented by Martin Luther. God Bles you

Reasoning From The Scriptures

[Bible Answer] Remember, I was once where you are now! I wore the brown scapular and believed in the Fatima visions. I once bowed before graven images and prayed to Mary. What changed me was God’s mercy on my soul – opening my eyes to the truth of scripture. Because I changed and did it the bible way, I was set free from my sin addictions, which happens to all Christians (Romans 6:22), but you don’t have such. The reason you don’t have it is because the sacraments, Mary and being a Catholic are not the way to God. You brought up Marian apparitions, apparently unaware that the Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists and Unification Church all claim unique and authoritative visions from God too, which flatly contradict the Marian apparitions! Reason states all these visions can NOT be from the same supernatural source. Amen! The devil is not in hell now. He does much more than just tempt people to sin. The devil is trying to deceive people and uses apparitions, miracles, dreams, feelings, etc. to do so! How can we identify God’s visions, miracles, etc. from the demonic? We must compare the visions to the Bible. IF the visions/s are from the same source as the Bible they will NOT contradict the Biblical message, but that is NOT the case with Marian apparitions, especially Fatima. Fatima says Mary is “THE WAY” to God and “OUR REFUGE.” The truth is JESUS IS THE WAY TO GOD (John 14:6) and God is our REFUGE (Psa. 46:1; etc.). Hence, I realized I was deceived to believe in the Fatima apparitions. That in turn undercuts the Vatican because they “approved” Fatima and its Mary is THE WAY lie. Only God knows how many are in hell now because of the Fatima message, endorsed by Catholicism. Miracles can come from two sources too. We have this all explained in detail here for your careful examination

The Evolution of The Catholic Church

The Catholic church evolved over the centuries into its present form. For example, NO ONE professing to be a Christian knew or heard of the rosary (and its 15 false promises). That came over 1,000 years later! The same can be said for the brown scapular and miraculous medal.

The Mary myth is most distressing to me. Catholicism teaches she is the sinless, sovereign queen of heaven, who is dispenser of ALL GRACE! She is also supposed to be “our life, sweetness and hope,” but the Bible again violently contradicts these too! So you have a real problem. You can’t logically believe the Bible is from God and these other things too because they are OPPOSITES. I was once there also. The problem was quickly resolved when I chose the Bible as final authority, as it is (2 Tim. 3:16,17).

You hate and oppose me and my message, but it is the truth and what can bring eternal life to you. You are dead in your sins and without God in your present condition. PLEASE read the New Testament and change accordingly. Your eternity depends on it. Get more truth for Catholics here.

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