Don’t Miss the Rapture

[Bible Comment] Our pastor preached on the rapture today. One of his main points was that if you miss the rapture, you are likely to be deceived by the Great delusion and end up in hellfire if you haven’t made up your mind about following Jesus. There are a lot of people looking into becoming a believer but think that they still have time to get right with GOD. After all, they are taught about the mid or post trib position, so that they think they will see the AntiChrist and the first several trumpets before having to make up their mind about following Jesus. This is SO dangerous, as the Pre trib rapture may well be correct….

post trib rapture[Bible Answer] Greetings in Jesus’ name. What you were taught is built upon the faulty concept that the pre trib rapture is true, but it isn’t. Because it is mythical, that automatically reduces down the teacher’s whole conclusion to empty useless words. It’s like saying, IF there really is a tooth fairy or IF Santa Claus is true, then….  A valid conclusion must be built upon truth.  Please examine the Biblical evidence for a post trib rapture for yourself and without preconceived ideas. It is clear and there will be no pre trib rapture, as nice as that would be. Truth is often very disturbing, but it doesn’t change truth.

Furthermore, for anyone to wait to repent to get forgiven of his sins is foolish and very dangerous. We will all die, unless we go up in the rapture (1 Cor. 15:51).  The rapture could be scores of years down the road. Meanwhile, millions will die and enter eternity. We must all get ready to depart and stay ready. This is serious business.

Finally, in no salvation sermon recorded in Scripture (Acts 10:34-43; 13:16-41; etc.) did any servant of God ever cite the danger of missing the rapture and being deceived by the Great delusion as a reason for his audience to repent. Remember, there absolutely is NO once saved always saved. GOD BLESS YOU

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