The Pornography Letter

pornography Jesus sets you free The power of sin is horrific. Sin defiles, contaminates, deadens the SOUL of man and more. It ruins and cripples earthly lives through addictions, criminal acts, suicide, etc. The anguish of sin is another thing and has been expressed millions of times in different ways over the years. I recently responded to one such tormented person. His background is a life of homosexuality and satanism. He has quit drugs, but is still “struggling” with pornography and lust. He wrote for advice. My answer is below and posted here for all the others who want freedom from pornography and eternal life.

(Bible Answer)
TOTAL 100% victory in JESUS is available for you. Jesus can set any person free from their sin addictions, including you (John 8:34-36; Rom. 6:18-22). Again, your case is NOT too hard for God, but he is your ONLY hope. Regardless if you were saved at one past point or not, you need to sincerely and humbly cry out to God for help, deliverance and salvation with a willingness to do a 180 turn (Acts 3:19; 20:21; Lk. 13:3; etc.). After that, prove your repentance by your deeds (Acts 26:20). Destroy the pornography. Stop watching it on TV, videos, etc. and however you sin with it. Looking at porn is like drinking poison. You must stop if you want eternal life.

Next you need to wash the filth out of your mind. Your mind needs to be flooded with wholesome thinking, which it is not used to. You can do that by carefully reading the Bible each day and maybe twice a day. The more the better. One man we know, who had very serious pornography problems, read about 5 chapters a day and years later he was still walking pure before the Lord. The same will happen to you, but you must do your part. YOU must do serious battle, for the devil and the flesh will try to discourage or deceive you somehow from staying with God.

Ponder Mark 9:43-48 about the seriousness of sin including your predominate sins, mental adultery and lust. Mt. 5:28,29 is more explicit. Remember: You can live holy. You can be free from your sin addictions, but only through the Lord Jesus. Read: Live Holy, Freed From Sin Addictions and New Creation In Christ. Remember Psalm. 119:9-11. God bless you.

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