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HERETIC Pope Francis Offers Indulgences Via Twitter

If you do what the pope says on Twitter, you can get out of Purgatory quicker! Vatican Council II on Indulgences “… it [the Roman Catholic Church] condemns with anathema those who say that indulgences are useless or that the … Continue reading

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What Happens After Death

[Bible Question] Shalom! Where go people when they die? We all know that the saints go to paradise, but was the one that was crucified with Jesus a saint? He was saved in the last minute. So we never know … Continue reading

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Dan Corner Former Roman Catholic Testimony Video

Dan Corner is a former Roman Catholic, who wanted to stay a Roman Catholic, but was changed by reading the Catholic Bible! Dan Corner once wore the brown scapular, purchased masses to get people out of Purgatory sooner, bowed before … Continue reading

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