Totus Tuus

Totus Tuus are the Latin words (meaning Totally Yours) made famous by Pope John Paul II as he used them in his total consecration to the Mary of Catholicism! His commitment to Mary was boldly open and apparent, even on his coat of arms as Pope. Pope John Paul II on many occasions declared that it was his Mary, who delivered him from an assassination attempt. Pope John Paul II entrusted himself and the whole world to Mary for her to care for! In a book containing some of his sermons, he referred to Mary as sovereign on more than one occasion!
Pope John Paul II
Could anyone rightly say that Pope John Paul II didn’t know true Roman Catholicism? Never! He knew it and without wavering flaunted his idolatrous beliefs and true Roman Catholic Marian doctrine before the whole world. Since his death, not one Catholic authority ever stated Pope John Paul II was extreme or even off ever so slightly with such bold trust and commitment to Mary! His example, no doubt, has stumbled people from around the world to likewise look to Mary, instead of God for deliverance. Who knows how many Roman Catholics are trusting in Mary, instead of the Lord Jesus for salvation because of his example, usage of the rosary and endorsement of the Fatima Visions.

Hundreds of millions of precious SOULS are speeding towards the eternal flames of the lake of fire thinking Mary is their life, sweetness and hope, instead of Jesus! The ones acquainted with the message of Faitma are also looking to Mary as the way to God and our refuge as endorsed by Catholicism! Where are the Christian leaders speaking out against such DEADLY spiritual poison? Sadly, from what I have observed over the years, many preachers are more interested in getting money from Catholics than helping them find salvation for their souls! It’s time to speak out and let God’s truth be known! Pope John Paul II was just another heretic, like all the other popes. He was the head of a counterfeit religious system, which has misled multitudes of sincere people away from true salvation and eternal life and deeper into idolatry. Let’s call it as it is for a change! SOULS need rescued. As a former Roman Catholic, I know the deadness of such a religious system. It is not from God and was not founded by Jesus. God bless you.

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