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To receive a warning is to receive a blessing even though it may seem otherwise. There are various warnings throughout the Bible but none can compare with the Hell warnings.

Do Not Be Deceived

The Bible is a common possession of hundreds of millions of people, yet despite the repeated words of caution in it regarding not being deceived about being in sin, including lust (Mt. 5:28,29) and having salvation at the same time, … Continue reading

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Testify About Jesus

Testifying about the Lord Jesus is a basic and essential part of the Christian life. To acknowledge Jesus before others will result in Jesus acknowledging you before the Father and the angels (Mt. 10:32; Lk. 12:8), just like disowning Jesus … Continue reading

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Paul’s Tears

Contrary to the way Christian people tend to envision the Apostle Paul, he was a man of tears and sorrows as he served God. He was not the photogenic smiley type of our day with a toothy appearance. That is … Continue reading

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Warn The Wicked and Righteous

Warnings in the Bible were given to help the people they were given to but also to spare the warning givers of various spiritual adverse effects, which would be avoided by faithfully speaking out the warnings! This was clearly the … Continue reading

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