Art Linkletter Preferred Hell Over Heaven!

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By Dan Corner

The Bible mentions scoffers and mockers who have no fear of God (2 Pet. 3:3). I have met many in my Christian life, especially as I have evangelized on college campuses, on the streets, door-to-door, etc. They are bold and unashamed in their ignorance. Sadly, many made famous on TV are like that, and have become a role model to some! One such person while with Larry King was Art Linkletter! Art Linkletter was interviewed by Larry King, who brought up heaven. Linkletter’s responses were chilling to hear and even more so if you watch his laughing. There is nothing funny about hell nor his horrifying answer:

Larry King:Billy Graham on this program recently said, if he died right then and there, he would be very happy. He knew what would be ahead. It would be paradise. He’s going to heaven. What do you believe?

Art Linkletter: It would depend on what’s going on. I like a lot of activity. Heaven sounds too placid to me. Now, there’s a lot to do in hell. (Laugh)

Larry King: Why would you want to go there?

Art Linkletter: I don’t know! (Laugh)

On May 26, 2010, at the age of 97, Art Linkletter’s spirit departed from his body (James 2:26) and he entered eternity. Certainly, if he could redo his answer it would be much different now!

BTW, weeping and gnashing of teeth in outer darkness (Mt. 25:30; etc.) and crying out for mercy in torment, only to be denied (Luke 16:23-31) is not the kind of activity anyone should want to be busy with.

Back To Billy Graham

Finally, though Billy Graham apparently told Larry King he knew he would go to heaven if he died at that moment, at a different time Billy Graham (when asked about Pope John Paul II going to heaven after his death) stated that there seems to be a question about his own salvation:

King: There is no question in your mind that he [Pope John Paul II] is with God now?

Billy Graham: Oh, no. There may be a question about my own, but I don’t think Cardinal Wojtyla, or the Pope—I think he’s with the Lord, because he believed. He believed in the Cross. That was his focus throughout his ministry, the Cross, no matter if you were talking to him from personal issue or an ethical problem, he felt that there was the answer to all of our problems, the cross and the resurrection. And he was a strong believer. (

[To correct Billy Graham about Pope John Paul II, the deceased pope’s focus was NOT on the cross, but was instead on the fabricated Mary of Catholicism. That pope even entrusted himself to her and credits Mary in saving his life with no mention of Jesus! That is who Billy Graham, and other compromisers, exalted!]

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