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(BIBLE QUESTION) I have attended a Baptist Church since 200_….I have never believed OSAS [once saved always saved] and my friends at church know this. I also had mentioned this to the incoming pastor years ago but he must not remember. I have taught a women’s bible class at the church for several years. Now he is asking me about what I teach my class and to make sure I do not go against their belief, OSAS or I will not be able to continue teaching at their church. I have read a report from the Baptist Convention, dated June 4th, 2000 stating any Baptist has the right to their own statement of faith. I am confused about this whole matter. I would like to continue attending this church, they are a bible teaching church and the only objection I have is the OSAS that most of them believe. I also sing in the choir and attend other functions. How do I approach this situation. Looking forward to your input, regards

(BIBLE ANSWER) Greetings in Jesus’ name. You are being “tested.” [The teaching of eternal security is a test.] Jesus demands that we love him first, even before our natural family members and life (Mt. 10:37,38 cf. Lk. 14:26,27). Because that so-called “pastor” is not genuine, but instead a savage wolf (though religious), he wants you to teach Baptist doctrine instead of the word of God. A Christian must do God’s will, which includes standing firmly on God’s word and refusing to conform to that counterfeit grace and false gospel. If you are a real Christian, you will lose your salvation by teaching that bogus “gospel” (Gal. 1:8,9). Your relationship with God is much more important than continuing to attend there, even though you are an established and respected member with various friends. NO sin or person is worth going to hell over.

It is also important for you to leave such an environment because you don’t want to share in their “wicked work” (2 John 9-11). NO Christian should donate money or time to help such a false gospel-promoting congregation or ministry. Leave at once, but contact people there whom you know and tell them you fear God and must go by the Bible and are not willing to teach heresy to please the false shepherd. To be in a teaching position is dangerous, if you can’t teach God’s truth and that is what that heretic wants.

Finally, it is I-M-P-O-S-S-I-B-L-E for any congregation to teach the heresy of once saved always saved and be a “bible teaching church.” If it was a Bible teaching church it would teach a conditional security and openly refute once saved always saved. You also would never be opposed and asked to teach spiritual poison, if it was a Bible teaching church. Moreover, the present counterfeit “pastor” would be booted out, if it was a real Bible teaching church. Please read eternal security teachers and why eternal security should be hated. Remember Heb. 3:14. God bless you.

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