Bigfoot, Chupacabras and KJV Onlyites

In our special day, there exists is a very different (even strangely unbelievable) type of professing Christianbigfoot one who aggressively and furiously fights for the exaltation and exclusiveness of an archaic English translation of the Bible, which he himself can NOT understand — the 1611 King James Version! Besides such being an obvious form of insanity — unrecognized by the victims — those same unique people (the KJV Onlyites) adamantly deny their own inability to comprehend the KJV and even go further by LYING that their own 10 year old grandson can understand the weird KJV archaic words and phrases they have never heard or seen, and often cannot pronounce such as:

  • bewray (Isa. 16:3);
  • armholes (Jer. 38:12);
  • lapwing (Lev. 11:19);
  • abusers of themselves with mankind (1 Cor. 6:9);
  • inordinate affection & evil concupiscence (Col 3:5);
  • lasciviousness (Eph. 4:19);
  • vain jangling (1 Tim. 1:6)
  • doubletongued & filthy lucre (1 Tim 3:8);
  • assupim (1 Chron. 26:15);
  • ribband (Number 15:38);
  • meat (Gen. 1:29)
  • redound (2 Cor. 4:15)
  • superfluity of naughtiness (James 1:21);
  • gay clothing (James 2:3);
  • winefat (Mark 12:1)
  • succour (Heb. 2:18);
  • lowering (Mt. 16:3)
  • no bands in their death (Psa 73:4)
  • their eyes stand out with fatness (Psa 73:7)
  • waters of a full cup are wrung out to them (Psa 73:10)
  • go a whoring from thee (Psa 73:27)
  • set up their ensigns for signs (Psa 74:4)
  • they have slept their sleep (Psa 76:5)
  • my sore ran in the night (Psa 77:2)
  • smote his enemies in the hinder parts (Psa 78:66)
  • from following the ewes great with young (Psa 78:71)
  • they have holpen the children of Lot (Psa 83:8)
  • a brutish man knoweth not (Psa 92:6)
  • a froward heart shall depart from me (Psa 101:4)
  • bands having nourishment ministered, and knit together (Col 2:19)
  • rudiments of the world (Col 2:20)
  • [scores of other examples]

Read How People Get DECEIVED By The KJV

[See KJB Terms for more.] Hence, there are very serious
bigfoot spiritual and moral problems abounding in such KJV Only people, who will LIE about that. Remember this! People who make such an absurd claim are IMMORAL deceivers, who need to repent of their LYING. See Rev. 21:8. Many of the same KJV Only people hypocritically “sneak read” modern translations to find out what the bible is actually saying because they can’t understand the KJV! IF the KJV was “perfect” or even understandable, there would be no need to do that?

The one-eyed KJV Onlyites have also been filled with misinformation and propaganda, as they unjustly, viciously, bash, falsely accusekjb only and try to wreck every non-KJV professing Christian of promoting everything from the New Age movement to occultism to blasphemy! Shocking, but sadly true! At best, KJV Onlyites regard such professing Christians, who would dare use or teach from any translation other than the KJV in their presence — regardless how credible — as ignorant and dangerous baby Christians! They are all considered inferior. Furthermore, many consider ALL non KJV Onlyites as non Christian, thereby indirectly claiming that using, reading or teaching from the KJV is needed for salvation itself and an identifying characteristic of being a present-tense Christian!

The KJV Onlyites are NOT generally open to the facts, regardless how compelling! For most, facts are irrelevant and their minds have already been made up! They are there to fight for the KJV as part of a click (or gang) of people, who will consider all other professing Christians beneath them based solely on the English translation of the Bible they read and teach from! They seldom jeopardize their group standing.kjb onlyism

Such is already irrational, but the evidence extends even further when one observes that their chief proof text for KJV Onlyism being true is to attack the NIV, while not mentioning ALL other English translations (which also differs from the KJV). Their single goal, even above defending the conditional security of the gospel of grace (1 Cor. 15:2), is to promote the usage of their INCOMPREHENSIBLE 1611 KJV English translation, as the ONE, ONLY, BEST and PERFECT translation to be used worldwide, even in non-English speaking countries (China, Russia, India, France, Mexico, Brazil, etc.)! One must wonder if their rare form of religious insanity continues beyond the spiritual!

Find Out Now Who The Righteous Are

“Slew and Hanged on a Tree” – ONLY in the KJV

How serious is it deny Jesus died on the cross? It is the epitome of spiritual ignorance and error – an impossible anti-God and inaccurate concept, which will negate or prevent salvation. Such flatly condemns Islam (which denies Jesus died on the cross) as well as the KJV translation itself at Acts 5:30 and 10:39! This is the ultimate beat down and irretrievable elongate spike driven deep into the blood sucking vampire heart of the KJV Onlyism beast. No other KJV mistranslations are needed to disqualify it from being considered accurate, beyond that one point. IF the KJV denies Jesus died on the cross, even once, it is guilty of spreading lethal ERROR and BLASPHEMY by doing so and should NOT be used on that basis alone by any Christian! Here is the embarrassing evidence leading to that inescapable conclusion from the KJV itself:

The God of our fathers raised up Jesus, whom ye slew and hanged on a tree. (Acts 5:30, KJV)

And we are witnesses of all things which he did both in the land of the Jews, and in Jerusalem; whom they slew and hanged on a tree. (Acts 10:39, KJV)

[WARNING! Please do NOT allow those KJV verses (Acts 5:30; 10:39) to affect your beliefs.kjb only modern translations They are lethal to your SOUL and are NOT Christian beliefs. They are as much antichrist as Islam, and should be opposed by all the God fearing.]

The archaic KJV word to focus on in Acts 5:30 and Acts 10:39 is “slew.” Both KJV verses say Jesus was “slew” BEFORE he was hanged on a tree [cross]! Again, Jesus was “slew,” then hanged on the cross, according to the KJV. So now the pivotal questions are, how does the KJV use the word “slew” and how is it understood by the faithful KJV readers? The word “slew” is found in the KJV New Testament in Mat 2:16; Mat 21:39; Mat 22:6; Mat 23:35; Luke 13:4; Acts 5:30; Acts 10:39; Acts 22:20; Rom 7:11 and 1 John 3:12 – a total of 10 times. Without exception, EVERY TIME “slew” is used in the other 8 passages not in question, the KJV New Testament shows that the word slew, according to the context, means kill, murdered or the like! People reading the KJV must learn another language — an old archaic, extinct language of our day. They have observed the usage of “slew” in their struggles to read the kjv to mean killed. Consistency, therefore, teaches Jesus was killed (“slew”) before he was hanged on the cross, making it impossible for Jesus to die on the cross, since he had already been “slew” [killed].

Eternal Security Is Candy-Coated SOUL Poison

KJV Old Testament

There is even more similar evidence from the KJV on “slew,” though no more is needed, which supplements the total destruction of KJV Onlyism! It comes from the KJV Old Testament. Repeatedly, the term “slew” (used for our word KILL), is found. Millions know David “slew” Goliath (1 Sam. 17:50)! That KJV term is used to mean kill throughout the KJV OT too, even extending to Samson killing (“slewing”) people (Judges 16:30), etc. and expanding on to Acts 5:30 and Acts 10:39!

If You Are A KJV Onlyite

If you are a KJV Onlyite, how can you condemn professing Christians who are: (1) righteously repulsed at this KJV BLASPHEMY, of stating Jesus was killed before being hanged on the cross, and (2) the utter incomprehensible language of this ERROR-ridden English translation, which you tirelessly and aggressively try to shove down our throats, to our own harm? Your ardent zeal for the KJV is actually misplaced and counter-productive to the extension of the kingdom of God, and your OVERT  LYING about being able to understand the KJV is shameful and IMMORAL. The KJV Onlyite is a unique beast, like the controversial Bigfoot and Chupacabra, which continue to surface, according to claims!

I know you KJV Onlyites will get angry, THREATEN and CUSS at me, underline;”>AS YOU HAVE IN THE PAST, but enough is enough! Stop your shameful, IMMORAL, inconsistent and hypocritical behavior! Snap out of this insanity and come to your senses for your own good!

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