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Our Lady of Grace Mary Statue IDOL

Watch this short video advertisement for a Mary statue and it becomes obvious how important Mary is to deceived Catholics. Such advertisement, and subsequent sales, are the result of people just believing what they are taught by Catholic leaders rather … Continue reading

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Open Letter To An OSAS Missionary

Thanks for being honest with the King David acid test question I asked you. By answering yes to my question about David remaining saved in his adultery and murder, you have stated that you believe one can be both an … Continue reading

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The Giver Of Grace

Who is the giver of grace and what are the conditions, if any, to be on the receiving end of saving grace? Those are vital questions we all need to have answers for, since we are saved by grace (Eph. 2:8.9). … Continue reading

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Not Real Christian Singles

Sexual immorality is rampant even among the professing Christian singles. It is reported that 80% of today’s so called Christian singles have been/are sexually immoral! To connect such wickedness with Biblical Christianity is to grossly distort the holy image of … Continue reading

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Eternal Security Is Candy Coated SOUL POISON

WARNING: If you were a Christian who converted over to the security in sin gospel by eating the candy coated SOUL POISON of eternal security, you are back on the road to hell again! You are DOOMED. You will be … Continue reading

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Pride Is A Killer

One of the less obvious spiritual killer sins is pride. Pride can be very subtle, unlike theft, slander, murder, the form of adultery that David committed and many other sins. Some people in pride surely aren’t aware of it or … Continue reading

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