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Almost Universally Unknown SALVATION Passages

The following scriptures have been discounted or at least de-emphasized as being vital for understanding personal salvation and having any connection with salvation by grace! That is because the prevalent false version of grace which people have been taught can’t … Continue reading

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The Salvation Recipients of God’s Mercy

Calvinism is a LIE FROM HELL. Calvinism would have you believe that God pours out his saving mercy on some, but not others who are equally as evil and will never have a chance to get his mercy to be … Continue reading

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Mommy Why Do People Have To Die

As a little Catholic boy, decades ago I asked my mother, “Why do people have to die,” as she was cleaning the bathroom. Tears came to her eyes and she answered, “I don’t know why.” Greedy As The Grave Now … Continue reading

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Innocent Party In Divorce Speaks Her Heart

[Bible Comment] I have been searching the scriptures….and in my heart I know the view you have on remarriage is correct.  I have been divorced for 19 years and so wish I was free to remarry.  My husband and best … Continue reading

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Better To Be Poor Than A Liar

The poor have a much harder life than those who have more material possessions and better living conditions. Poverty often leads to disease, oppression and a much shorter earthly life. Living in poverty has never been desirable, but there is … Continue reading

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Simon The Sorcerer Came To Saving Faith

Simon the sorcerer (or Simon Magus) is the typical label placed on Simon from Samaria, who came to saving faith during the ministry of Phillip, the evangelist. While it is true that Simon was a sorcerer when Philip first arrived … Continue reading

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12 Pound Gold Nugget Found

An anonymous Australian gold prospector with a $6,000 metal detector recently made the find of a lifetime – a huge gold nugget weighing 12 pounds and possibly worth $500,000! Here is how it began: Kent told Australian news site Adelaide … Continue reading

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Keep Your Lamps Burning

If you are a Christian (spiritual virgin), you personally know about the intense and subtle spiritual battles involved in the Christian race, including keeping your lamp burning. It can be a hard and lonely road in this sin-filled and truth-rejecting … Continue reading

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Romans 10:9,10

(BIBLE COMMENT)…You’re correct in saying that not everyone will go to heaven, but isn’t that something only God gets to decide? It IS our duty to tell people about salvation, defined by St. Paul [in Romans 10:9-10] as confessing with … Continue reading

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What Is Eternal Life

The only way the question what is eternal life can be accurately answered is to consult the Bible. If we do that, we learn the following about eternal life: Jesus is eternal life (1 John 1:2) It (eternal life or … Continue reading

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