Catholics and Mary Statues

These two short videos will reveal the significance that Mary and Mary statues have in the lives of Catholics. The first video shows how sudden destruction came to a Mary statue in a Catholic church as an older man in front lets go of the pole, when a Mary statue is being carried, and it falls.  This was a major tragedy for Catholics present as the video proves. Non Catholics have a rough time believing how important so-called sacred images are to Catholics, but these videos will help. Seeing is believing. Believe it or not Catholics think veneration is passed on to the person represented by the statue. This destruction to a Mary statue was a super disaster as the Catholic Queen of Heaven gets beheaded! (NOTE the reaction of the Catholic nuns in the front row next to the center aisle.)

Statues Are Essential To Catholic Doctrine

Catholicism is reeking with idolatry, yet some refuse to acknowledge it. Too many non Catholics still consider Catholicism part of Christianity. Here is Catholicism’s bold teaching on their sacred images:

“The practice of placing sacred images in churches so that they [the images] be venerated by the faithful is to be maintained.” (Vatican Council II, Costello Publishing Co., Northport, New York, 1984, Vol. 1, p.35)

“From the very earliest days of the Church there has been a tradition whereby images of our Lord, his holy Mother, and of saints are displayed in churches for the veneration of the faithful.” (ibid., p. 193)

“… that by means of the images which we kiss and before which we uncover the head and prostate ourselves, we adore Christ and venerate the saints whose likeness they bear …. great profit is derived from all holy images, not only because the people are thereby reminded of the benefits and gifts bestowed on them by Christ, but also because through the saints the miracles of God and salutary examples are set before the eyes of the faithful, so that they may give God thanks for those things, may fashion their own and conduct in imitation of the saints and be moved to adore and love God and cultivate piety. But if anyone should teach or maintain anything contrary to these decrees, let him be anathema.” (H. J. Schroeder, O. P., The Canons And Decrees Of The Council Of Trent, Tan Books and Publishers, Inc., 1978, p. 216)

Catholics are shown in this second video idolatrously kissing (venerating) the hand of the Mary statue.

To kiss an image is a pagan practice (Hosea 13:2), but Catholicism defends such and places their anathema on all people, including Christians, who oppose it as you just read!  If you aren’t anathematized by Catholicism for something like this, you are NOT a Christian!

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