Devout Catholic Warns Thief

A devout Catholic woman from Kansas warns thief with holy water and Mary! This is the fruit of Catholicism and what it has produced, that is, a total distortion from spiritual reality including a fabricated Mary! catholic warns thiefThis Catholic woman placed a sign in her yard which reads:

… God and the Blessed Virgin Mary are going to deal with you, so whoever took the gas cans, you need to bring them back. Leave them by the camper. I feel for you. You know, even Satan is afraid of the Virgin Mary, Jesus’ mom. There are a lot of prayers going up right now. (

BTW, the camper and stolen gas cans were blessed with holy water prior to the theft! Catholicism is the elephant in the room that many counterfeit leaders in our apostate day – the ecumenical leaders – actually work with or praise instead of exposing and refuting with Scripture!

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