Gambling Addicted Catholic Nun

Mary Ann RappIt is one thing to be addicted to gambling, but another thing to also be a thief to support it! Catholic nun, Sister Mary Anne Rapp, 68, stole about $128,000 from two churches in New York to gamble. What is the cure for such a sin addiction? It depends on the source you consult. The report stated, “she underwent treatment for gambling addiction.” Whatever that entails secularly, it will not accomplish the job for Mary Anne Rapp because she has a spiritual problem. The underlying problem for Mary Anne Rapp is sin. That means she needs a spiritual cure. The only remedy for such is the blood of Jesus Christ which washes a repentant sinner clean and frees him/her from their addictions.

Mary Anne Rapp is like hundreds of millions of religious people globally. Though a Catholic nun, she shares the same underlying spiritual need with billions of others, that is, true salvation. Since the Catholic church has misinformed her that infant baptism is when a person is born again, she has probably never learned the truth about this Biblical term. Just like the Hindus, who sadly think they can wash away their sins in the Gange river, Catholics too have been duped spiritually. People need Bible truth, not a religious myth, to find freedom from sin addictions and eternal life. Such an experience is the surest way to know you have become a new creation in Christ and have been born again. God bless you.

Photo Credit: Sister Mary Ann Rapp (13WHAM-TV)

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