I Want To Learn About Jesus And The Bible

(BIBLE QUESTION) I have come across your web page for new Christians. I want to know more and learn about Jesus and the Bible. I am completely raw. I am a Muslim by birth. I am in search of new faith. Since my childhood I am inclined to Jesus. I have visited number of churches across few countries in Europe. I have even visited Vatican and Basilica while visiting Italy. Can you please guide me further. Thanks, God bless you.

bible God's word(BIBLE ANSWERS) Greetings in Jesus’ name. We are glad you found us. The best place to start is with the authority of the Bible. The Bible is not like any other book. It is God’s word and has the real truth about eternal life and how to have your life changed for the good. You will find REST FOR YOUR SOUL (Mat 11:29) and FREEDOM FROM YOUR SIN ADDICTIONS (Rom 6:22) when you get salvation. It is vital to learn about salvation and how to get your sins forgiven. You will have to act on or put into practice the message of the Bible to receive the blessing. Your SOUL is your most valuable possession, and it is good that you are thinking about spiritual things and the Lord Jesus. As a former Roman Catholic, I know from first hand experience that it is NOT accurate to the Bible. So what you saw and how you were influenced by going to Vatican should not sway your views as you seek God’s truth. Stick to the Bible like glue and you’ll be safe. Another good subject to ponder is Spiritual Safeguards. Please write back if you have questions. GOD BLESS YOU.

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