Positive Thinking

(BIBLE COMMENT) Your article regarding “friendship evangelism “was very devastating and an eyeopener! In your recent weekly letter I read somebody saying that we should focus on things we should agree upon (positive thinking!). ‘No negatives’ is implied, i.e., truth if negative should not be brought up (should be treated as irrelevant, obstructing relationship/unity, suppression of truth). This was practiced in the garden of Eden by Devil and Eve. positive bible thinkingThis type of thinking I believe is now permeating the world which I believe will lead to unity of all religions and one world government …. In Christ, (Chennai, India)

(BIBLE ANSWER) Greetings in Jesus’ name. THANK you for the kind words about our teaching on “friendship evangelism” and your observations about unity and being positive. TRUTH (as found in the Bible) is the real issue, as you know, but often it can be too offensive for those in sin or embracing religious myths. Hence, many shy away from it (2 Tim. 4:3,4) to their own hurt. Since there are so many false teachers wanting to tickle ears with lies to get a following, they aren’t teaching the truth so it makes it that much harder with various views. It is truly a sad day for many lost souls. Our present apostasy is worldwide and is preceding the rise of the Antichrist. Also as the economy keeps deteriorating, the pieces keeping falling into place for the end times events as cited in Scripture. To the harm of many will be the MAJOR DISAPPOINTMENT that the Christians will NOT be raptured out of here before the Antichrist comes into power. We can only wonder how many will lose their faith when nuclear war starts and they are still here! We must not take the mark of the beast or we’ll lose our salvation (Rev. 14:9-12). We must remain spiritually prepared to die and therefore live everyday as though it could be our last. Judgment Day is awaiting all of us (Heb. 9:27). GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Rev. 21:4.

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