Letter From A Prisoner

[Have you ever wondered what it is like in a prison as far as the types of teaching that are brought into it? Read this letter carefully and you’ll get a clear picture of how eternal security is a common teaching to prisoners (thieves, rapists, murderers, etc.)!]

Blessings and greetings in the name of our Lord Jesus! I requested some information and a copy of your book, The Myth of Eternal Security.letter from prisoner Thank you so much for writing this book! I am currently incarcerated at _____ Jail. The chaplaincy here is unfortunately mostly from a local Baptist Church here in ______. The doctrine of eternal security is preached here heavily. Please keep us here at ____ in prayers as these ministers of a false doctrine are doing more harm than good! They are even handing out KJV Bibles with the eternal security doctrine right in the front!

I personally have talked with one of these ministers (after reading your book) and began asking questions and pointing out passages such as Ezek. 33:13,18; Luke 8:13 and so forth …. He would not allow me to bring up any more scriptures and instead tried to take over the conversation with a series of rapid-fire questions and Bible passages.letter from prisoner Needless to say I was shocked how his demeanor changed when I told him I don’t believe in this eternal security and told him it was a false teaching …. This same minister quotes John MacArthur and was (at the start of our conversation) telling us if a minister so and so commits sin and is found in-for-instance adultery, that this shows he was never saved. I went out and got your book out of my cell and tried to tell him about the chapter in the book called Never Really Saved (ch 24). He refused to listen and when I tried to show him he pushed the book away from himself like it was the plague …. thank you so much for the book, The Myth of Eternal Security. It has really helped me here in the midst of these ministers of false doctrine. Continue to be strong in the faith and go with the strength the Lord gives you! Much thanks and blessings,

NOTE: Evangelical Outreach continues to give FREE materials to prisoners and all who are too poor to pay for them. Thanks for your prayers and financial donations. We are reaching different types of people around the world.

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