Tips and Tricks With Gospel Tracts

Strictly Distributing Gospel Tracts

If I’m going out to strictly witness rather than going to the store, doctors, post office, etc. and handing out gospel tracts on the way, I’ll verbally ask, as I hand a person a gospel tract, “If I wasn’t a Christian and asked you how to become a Christian, what would you tell me” OR “Do you know how to get your sins forgiven”? 

Those questions, if answered, will spiritually locate a person quickly. Their answer will affect my answer, but my answer will always focus on JESUS and scripture. (It is so sad and dark out there you’ll be amazed how people answer!)
gospel tracts If the person shows any interest, try to show them from your bible 1 Cor. 6:9-11 before he leaves. Have that page paper clipped so you can find it fast. In fact, show him and read it to him at the same time. 1 Cor. 6:9-11 is the BEST passage to quickly help a lost man know he is going to hell and needs JESUS. It is much better to have the person actually see the words in the bible than to just read the passage to him.

(Carry a smaller bible so both of your hands will be free as you hand out gospel tracts. I used to have a leather bible case on my belt, but in more recent times the large pocket in cargo pants is perfect for my smaller bible.)

Using Gospel Tracts During The Weekly Routine

If I’m going to the store, doctors, post office, etc. and handing out gospel tracts on the way I say various quick things, such as “God bless you” as I hand them a gospel tract positioning it so they can see the heading, such as our “Heaven Is Real and Can Be Yours” on our favorite gospel tract. Other things I say are, “Sir (or Ma’am) here’s one for you,” “Did you get one of these,” “Here you go,” “Good reading,” “Good news,” “Here’s a message about the Lord Jesus,” etc.

The Right To Go Gospel Tracting

Here in the USA, please know YOU do have the 1st amendment right of “freedom of speech.” To go to a PUBLIC sidewalk to evangelize is within your rights too. (You can also preach bare throat on a public sidewalk.) If you use any amplification, you might need a permit. Free gospel distribution should always be safe from interference from police, that is, at least it should be safe!

I have had EVIL cops make me move a couple times when they shouldn’t have! If a cop comes, remind him of your constitutional rights. Tell him you are not blocking “public easement,” giving away FREE gospel tracts and practicing your religion. That too could be important. Be respectful to the cops and call them “sir.” I’ve had people try to hide and watch me from a distance to see if I was blocking off the sidewalk as I handed out gospel tracts to try to get me in trouble. IF you run into any two legged SWINES out there, remember what Jesus said:

“Do not give dogs what is sacred; do not throw your pearls to pigs. If you do, they may trample them under their feet, and then turn and tear you to pieces.” (Mat 7:6)

If someone gets angry and starts cussing, etc. (which is rare, but possible), walk away, if he isn’t leaving. Be alert! Be guarded. As a Christian you can cast out demons and heal the sick too! Remember that. We have prayed many times for afflicted people.

Distractions When Using Gospel Tracts

gospel tracts
The devil will send different types of people your way too. A subtle type will just waste your time in a friendly conversation while precious lost souls walk by! If such occurs, politely excuse yourself from the conversation and keeping spreading the word of life to the lost souls.

Focus on lost souls. The streets can be a place of great temptation. The devil will try to take you down if possible, so be holy and never forget Jesus’ words:

“…. Hold on to what you have, so that no one will take your crown.” (Rev 3:11)

It is wise to have a digital recorder on you, recording the conversations. If for no other reason, you can review it afterwards and perfect your witnessing more. If you go with a team, each person should have a walkie talkie or cell phone to contact one another if needed, even from across the street.

Know this: You will win MANY more souls on the street than a gospel preacher does in the church building! Many sinners will never go inside the church building, but know they are missing it somehow. That is where you come in. The devil will use 2 main things to stop or slow you down from continuing to sow gospel seeds: (1) fear and (2) discouragement. Don’t allow either to phase you.

Be like the early Christians in the book of Acts. Keep sowing seeds like a gospel farmer. You’ll be surprised at your harvest come Judgment Day! You’ll also find that YOU will be the answer to someone’s prayer! I’ve had numerous people tell me that their family members are Christians and are praying for them. God will actually put a person like that in your path to help them come to God at times! That is very special too!

Bring Up The Conditional Aspect of the Gospel When Gospel Tracting

gospel tracts
If you encounter someone who says outrightly or implies that he’s a Christian, then ask, “What about this teaching called eternal security or once saved always saved. Do you believe in that?”  Sadly, many may say or imply that they do! At that point quote or show them from your bible Mt. 10:22 or Heb. 3:14 if you can.

Tell them they must endure to the end for salvation’s sake and it is possible for a Christian to get back on the road to hell again. We also carry gospel tracts to help the eternal security proponents (and Catholics) from the snare of the devil they are in.

Car Driving and Gospel Tract Analogy

Tract evangelizing and street witnessing are like driving a car. You can’t touch on everything that will happen just by explaining it. With EXPERIENCE you’ll distribute gospel tracts just as EASY as driving! We love it! It is GREAT and you’ll be giving hurting and discouraged people hope. It is also doing God’s will, even if you see no results.

Please know, however, spiritual things happen when God’s word goes forth. A person can’t hear about the precious Lord JESUS and remain the same.  Lost souls need rescued and they must hear the truth (God’s word). We will continue witnessing and tract evangelizing as long as we have breath in our bodies! Without exaggeration, during a whole year just handing out gospel tracts as we go to the bank, store, etc., we’ll get out easily 1,000 of tracts, that’s 1,000 in 1 year just doing ordinary things! When we were into heavy gospel tracting, we’d get out maybe 40,000 or more in one year! We have zero stress about gospel tracting and witnessing. We love it.

Zeal and Evangelizing With Gospel Tracts

As much as street witnessing is wonderful, my personal favorite was going door-to-door with the gospel. I never knew what type of person I’d run into or what subjects they might bring up. The main problem with door-to-door is dangerous dogs. You must remain guarded at all times going door to door, street preaching, etc. Go for it! Your zeal will be contagious. Distributing gospel tracts is addicting and WONDERFUL!

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