May Is Mary Month- Mariolatry

The whole month of May has been set apart in Catholicism as a special time to honor and venerate Mary!may is mary month mariolatry That is not too surprising if you know much about Roman Catholicism and their exaltation of Mary! Their Mary has been super exalted to a place where she is the sinless sovereign ruler (with Jesus) of the universe and dispenser of ALL GRACE! She is sitting on the sovereign throne, but God the Father isn’t! Just from that it should be apparent that Roman Catholicism has a fabricated Mary, not the real Mary of the Bible, who also needed a Savior (Lk. 1:47). Idolatry is seen in all that. In spite of the clarity of such idolatry, some will close their eyes and stubbornly deny it. However, when we consider the pagan and idolatrous roots of May being set apart for various pagan goddesses, it becomes more clear that idolatry is interwoven with the Catholic view of their fabricated Mary – Mariolatry! These are little known facts about May being Mary month, a whole month to specially honor the Catholic Mary goddess.

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