Before Pentecost – Were The Apostles Born Again

[Bible Question from Russia] May I ask something? There’s a question which needs to be answered. The question is were the Apostles born again before the event of Pentecost? I see through the Scriptures that they were not, but maybe I’m wrong?born again before pentecost I’d like to hear your thinking based on the word of God and to consider if this is true.

[Bible Answer] The term born again is found three times in the New Testament. The Scriptures are John 3:3, John 3:7 and 1 Peter 1:23. From pondering them, we can draw relevant related information to answer your question about the possibility of being born again before Pentecost.

  • If one is born again he can see the kingdom of God (Jn. 3:3). Since Peter, John and James saw the kingdom of God in Mark 9:1-9, which was before Pentecost, then apparently people were born again before Pentecost.
  •  The context of John 3:3 and 3:7 shows being born again equals the saving faith in Jesus mentioned in John 3:16. So in light of that the question now is, could anyone believe on Jesus before Pentecost? Again, the answer is yes. People were forgiven, saved and received everlasting life before the cross and before Pentecost (Lk. 7:50; 19:9).
  •  Finally, please know the disciples did receive the Spirit when Jesus breathed on them BEFORE Pentecost (Jn. 20:22), which also tends to disrupt the theology of some! Acts 1:8 is the vital point about Pentecost. The real point of tongues on Pentecost was to have POWER TO WITNESS about Jesus to win souls. Too bad so many who claim to be filled with God’s Spirit don’t have that same power! That suggests something is very wrong with their claim!

People who stress Acts 2 and Pentecost usually do so because of their doctrinal agenda! They are usually trying to set themselves above others somehow with it. Please don’t be duped. The focus on the Christian life is HOLY LIVING and SOUL WINNING. God bless you.

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