Romans 10:9,10

(BIBLE COMMENT)…You’re correct in saying that not everyone will go to heaven, but isn’t that something only God gets to decide? It IS our duty to tell people about salvation, defined by St. Paul [in Romans 10:9-10] as confessing with our lips that Jesus is Lord, and believing in our hearts that God raised Him from the dead, but why appear so disrespectful and unloving of another’s rather minor doctrinal differences? If these were so important, they would have been mentioned right alongside the requirements for salvation. I believe St. Paul addressed a similar issue in Corinthians, when he scolded that church for their over emphasis on speaking in tongues, and thinking this made them better somehow than other Christians. I will continue to believe in the Lord. I hope you do as well.

(BIBLE ANSWER to a Catholic) You referred to Rom. 10:9,10 which does refer to salvation, but it is only one passage on salvation. [Romans 10:9-10 infers repentance.] There are many other passages which make it much clearer as to what God demands to have salvation – such as GOING TO JESUS FOR ETERNAL LIFE (Jn. 5:39,40) and committing to him to the point of LOVING HIM FIRST, even above your natural family (Mt. 10:34-38). Just going faithfully “to church” is not found in the Bible, as the way to get eternal life. Furthermore, Mary has NO ROLE in our salvation. The Bible was primarily written to make us wise unto salvation through faith in Christ Jesus (2 Tim. 3:15). When a person gets saved, he will be set free from his sin addictions (Rom. 6:22). Can you identify with that? Please carefully read Plan of Salvation and New Creation In Christ. GOD BLESS YOU.

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