How Do I Stay Saved

[Bible Question] …How do I stay saved?

[Bible Answer] The Bible tells us in many different ways how to stay saved, which are all related to simple obedience to the end! Ponder these:

  • sow to please the Spirit to reap eternal life (Gal. 6:8,9)
  • persist in doing good to get eternal life (Rom. 2:7)
  • endure hatred to the end to be saved (Mt. 10:22)
  • keep making every effort to enter the Kingdom doors (Luke 13:23,24)
  • keep following Jesus (John 10:27,28)
  • bear good fruit (John 15:1-6; Mt. 25:14-30)
  • Keep your lamp burning (Lk. 12:35 cf. Mt. 25:8-12)
  • be believing on Jesus (John 3:18)
  • OBEY Jesus for eternal salvation (Heb. 5:9)
  • hold firmly to the word of God (1 Cor. 15:2)
  • hold firm to the end your confidence (Heb. 3:14)
  • be faithful to the point of death (Rev. 2:10,11)
  • etc.

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