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Mysteries In Revelation

Bible mysteries of different types are found throughout scripture, but perhaps the book of Revelation has more than any other! Below are several that are interesting to think about. Without question, there remains many secrets about future things and events, … Continue reading

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Christians Will Judge The Angels

While it should be no Bible mystery that Christians will judge the angels, it is a Bible mystery as to the basis of that judgment! Here is the only reference to this mysterious event: Do you not know that we … Continue reading

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Their Worm Does Not Die

This Bible mystery centers around the word worm and their worm does not die as belonging to the eternally lost, when in unquenchable fire. It was the Lord Jesus who gave us more information about hell than anyone else. In … Continue reading

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The Abyss (Bottomless Pit)

The Abyss (or bottomless pit, KJV) is a very mysterious place, mentioned repeatedly in the Bible! It is not the same as hades or geenna, which is usually translated hell, the fiery place where lost SOULS are tormented. The Abyss … Continue reading

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