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Do You Know Him

In our hour, it is common for Christians to profess that they are saved, using that term. That, however, was NOT the typical way the earliest Christians expressed themselves as stated in the Bible! John wrote about this and a … Continue reading

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The True God and Eternal Life

One of the most important facts about Jesus of Nazareth’s identity and eternal life is, eternal life is a person—namely the Lord Jesus Christ! What is the Scriptural evidence for such a bold statement? We know also that the Son … Continue reading

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The Jehovahs Witnesses

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are people who are convinced that the only true interpretations of the Bible are found within the Watchtower organization and their literature. Consequently, they don’t really go by the Bible as they claim. Instead, they go by … Continue reading

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Jehovahs Witnesses And Eternal Life

The Jehovah’s Witnesses are striving to get eternal life in the future by taking in [accurate] knowledge of God and Jesus Christ now! That might sound very strange to a Christian, but that is a fact. The Scripture they misapply … Continue reading

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