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Examine Yourselves: Are You Still In the Faith

A commonly cited passage about examining yourselves to see if professing Christians are in the Christian faith, is 2 Cor. 13:5. It has consistently been misused in regards to the false convert or tare! That MISinterpretation of 2 Cor. 13:5 … Continue reading

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Among the myriads of false teachings in our hour there exists one which is not often mentioned — the second chance doctrine. The second chance doctrine states that those who have not sinned too greatly (and were not clearly taught bible … Continue reading

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False Claims of Jehovah’s Witnesses

Jehovah’s Witnesses think they are in the truth but their doctrinal beliefs betray them! Here is a concise handout that you can print to give to others about this issue. Click on the picture to go to the pdf. Print FREE, … Continue reading

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Hell is NOT the Common Grave

Hell is not the common grave for mankind. Since it isn’t the grave, what is it? The following Biblical details are most revealing, as well as horrifying. There is NO hint that hell is mythical, is the grave or exists … Continue reading

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“Finding Our Faith” with Diane Sawyer

Sadly, the report shows that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are growing. The Pentecostals are growing too, but with the major influence of Joseph Prince, Pat Robertson and others who believe in eternal security their effect is very destructive. Another major hit … Continue reading

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Confused About Jesus

[Bible Comments]…The only time Jesus became eternal was when the Father resurrected Him to eternal life from death after the crucifixion. Jesus was very much a human man and still is even tho He sits at His Father’s right hand … Continue reading

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Jesus Preached to the Spirits in Prison

A definite Bible mystery briefly mentioned once and which occurred sometime between Jesus’ death and bodily resurrection is cited by Peter. The Jehovah’s Witnesses and Seventh Day Adventists have wrongly used the same passage to teach a second chance: For … Continue reading

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It Is Also Written

A surprising detail about the devil is, he can actually quote Scripture! He did that when he tempted Jesus! Imagine that! The evil one, who hates God’s word and steals it away from some (Mt. 13:19), will also quote Scripture … Continue reading

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Sodom and Gomorrah

While describing and refuting the grace changers of his day, Jude mentions the details about two of the most notorious cities named in the Old Testament (Sodom and Gomorrah): In a similar way, Sodom and Gomorrah and the surrounding towns … Continue reading

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The Church Fathers

The devil is very slick. If he can’t deceive you one way, he’ll surely try another! For people who are convinced that the Bible is FINAL AUTHORITY, like the Christians are, the devil sometimes uses the so-called “Church Fathers” to … Continue reading

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