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Mommy Why Do People Have To Die

As a little Catholic boy, decades ago I asked my mother, “Why do people have to die,” as she was cleaning the bathroom. Tears came to her eyes and she answered, “I don’t know why.” Greedy As The Grave Now … Continue reading

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Are You Worthy Of Jesus

To ask someone are you worthy of Jesus is unheard of in our day rampant with false teachers and sin. The existing church of our hour can’t handle the are you worthy of Jesus salvation question. It would never be … Continue reading

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What Is Eternal Life

The only way the question what is eternal life can be accurately answered is to consult the Bible. If we do that, we learn the following about eternal life: Jesus is eternal life (1 John 1:2) It (eternal life or … Continue reading

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I am a Vatican I Tridentine Catholic

(QUESTION) I read your comments on Purgatory. I am wondering this: if you are truly interested in spreading “Christian Love”, why do you even have such a website? I am a Vatican I Tridentine Catholic. Usually I don’t say whether … Continue reading

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Eternal Life and Reincarnation

As a Christian, it is very disturbing for me to hear Biblical terms related to salvation that are are grossly twisted from their intended meaning. One such example is done by those who try to connect eternal life to reincarnation, … Continue reading

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According To What He Has Done and ETERNAL LIFE

How often we have been taught by today’s popular “Bible” teachers that our deeds are not important for salvation, as the same teachers stress faith in Jesus for eternal life. The uninformed listener concludes his behavior (even sinful behavior) is … Continue reading

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No one who believes the Bible is God’s word should try to dispute the clear fact that JESUS is our righteousness, holiness, etc. (1 Cor. 1:30; etc.) and he becomes our righteousness through a submissive faith in JESUS (Rom. 3:22; … Continue reading

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The LDS Counterfeit Eternal Life

Eternal life is a commonly shared term used by both Mormons (of the LDS church) and Christians, but the term means something vastly different to each. Mormonism teaches: Here, then, is eternal life – to know the only wise and … Continue reading

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John 3:16 and Eternal Life

If there is just one verse which evangelical Bible-using people know it is John 3:16. It is commonly heard in Bible preaching circles, but often misunderstood and misused to teach and even allow for the heresy of once saved always … Continue reading

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Unequally Yoked

The command and safeguard to be separate from unbelievers and not be unequally yoked with them is vital. For a Christian to have close dealings with any unbeliever as in a business, marriage or even a friendship is to open … Continue reading

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