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Death Bed Repentance

Click For Death Bed Repentance PDF Printout Though there is one death bed repentance shown in scripture — the dying repentant thief who went to Paradise after death (Luke 23:42,43) — it is super risky and the most foolish thing … Continue reading

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Sudden Destruction – I Am In Shock

Hi Dan, for the last 6 weeks or so I have been friends with a young couple I have been sharing the Lord with. His name is [Boyfriend] and hers [Wife]. [Wife] is in a covenant marriage with another man … Continue reading

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Sudden Destruction

Are you careful and think you’re physically safe from deadly harm? Maybe death is much closer than you realize!  Your approaching death might be at the door and ready to over take you! We all have a terminal disease and … Continue reading

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Vultures Eat Body In 45 To 50 Minutes

Sudden destruction comes in various forms, but recently for one woman who fell off a cliff, her body was afterwards consumed by Griffon Vultures in just 45 to 50 minutes! The body of a woman who died after falling off … Continue reading

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