Textus Receptus is NOT the KJV

The King James Only group includes a wide variety of people (some very sincere) who unfortunately continue to aggressively spread misinformation on this subject as fact to the harm of the body of Christ. Some of these same divisive people spread their KJV only message as sincere Christians spread the gospel of Jesus Christ – shocking but true!

The chief argument the King James Only group cites is that key Christian words, and sometimes even wholes verses, are missing from other English Bible versions. KJV ONLY While that statement is true, it is also misleading! Why are they missing? The difference exists because the King James Version of the Bible is based on the Textus Receptus. More modern translations are based on different manuscripts, which do not include the words and or verses found in the KJV!  Hence, the KJV Only main argument is misleading, but it casts suspicion of malicious intent on other Bible translators and versions. The key truth to remember is, those other translations were based on different manuscripts!

Manuscript Debate or Version Debate

That brings up a different controversy and debate entirely! Which Bible manuscripts are most reliable? The manuscript debate is NOT the same as the KJV reliability, which is a version debate! Those who claim the King James Version is a Perfect Bible translation are easily refuted by other reputable translations, which are also based on the Textus Receptus!  For the die hard King James Only Perfect Bible people to learn that the New King James Version, Green’s and Young’s translations are also based upon the Textus Receptus should help some!  If professing Christians favor the Textus Receptus they should use such other versions just for the sake of getting away from the strange incomprehensible archaic wording of the King James Version. Also, specific translation errors scattered throughout the KJV are mentioned in the beginning of those translations and corrected within! It is always safe for the Christian to read various reputable translations and not just one. He will benefit more by such a variety which will also reveal shades of truth from Scripture otherwise unnoticed by only reading one!

There is no question that holy living is the real issue and not what English version of the Bible one reads.  Only the pure in heart will see God (Mt. 5:8) and some who flatly reject the KJV have a pure heart. GOD BLESS YOU.

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