Which Version Of The Bible

(COMMENT) I came across your your response to King James Only Advocate while browsing the internet to try and get my heart and my head to agree on which version of the bible. I also was a Roman Catholic and used a Roman Catholic bible (if there is such a bible) and after years of struggling the Presbyterian Church became my home but ten years later began attending a more fundamentalist denomination which were King James Only Advocates and ever since it has been an issue with me but I’m back with Presbyterian Church In Ireland who use the NIV. I have the NIV Study Bible, it is so easy to understand but shunned by so many who appear to make valid defence of the KJV. Thank you for the help, I will also read Gail Riplinger’s critique and KJV Only Rage (mp3). Yours sincerely,

(BIBLE ANSWER) Greetings in Jesus’ name. We are glad you found us. We MUST be able to understand the Bible to know God’s will, to put it into practice, etc. The KJV is a translation which is NOT understandable. END OF DISCUSSION. The KJV onlyites rant and rave, but they can NOT understand the KJV either! To them that is the most important issue, to get all people to use the KJV!

Glad to hear you are out of the Catholic church, but sorry to read you are going to a Presbyterian church. Because they embrace Calvinism and all 5 points are wrong, that is NOT the place to go! Have you seen this? We have a 801 page book refuting the most DEADLY point in Calvinism – once saved always saved. You can order that NO eternal security book here, if interested. GOD BLESS YOU. Remember Rom. 11:19-23.

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