11:57 PM On The Doomsday Clock

An imaginary clock named the Doomsday Clock is supposed to reveal how much more time our world has left before it is doomed. We are quickly running out of time, according to the latest:

The world is “3 minutes” from doomsday. That’s the grim outlook from board members of The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Frustrated with a lack of international action to address climate change and shrink nuclear arsenals, they decided today (Jan. 22) to push the minute hand of their iconic “Doomsday Clock” to 11:57 p.m. It’s the first time the clock hands have moved in three years; since 2012, the clock had been fixed at 5 minutes to symbolic doom, midnight. [End of the World? Top Doomsday Fears] ( http://news.yahoo.com/doomsday-clock-set-3-minutes-midnight-190925891.html;_ylt=AwrBTzZTecFUI1oASmxXNyoA  )

Be assured, this world will never be totally destroyed! Jesus is coming back and there will be human life here when he returns. At some future point after that, this planet will be renovated by fire (2 Peter 3:12 cf. Rev. 21:1).

Forget about that the imaginary Doomsday Clock (which can move forward or backward) based on world conditions. What about your own personal Doomsday clock? We are all approaching the grave — our own physical doom. Is it well with your SOUL NOW? Do you have rest for your soul and peace with God through the Lord Jesus Christ (Mt. 11:29)?

End Of The World (KJV)

BTW, another glaring and misleading fact about the KJB is that it has the phrase “end of the world” in various places (Mat 13:39; 13:49; 24:3; 28:20)! The KJB, besides being incomprehensible, is also very deceptive at times. Those phrases should read, “end of the age.” The KJB is severely flawed and KJV onlyism is an ugly joke! Future ages are yet before us! The overcomers have exciting days ahead in those ages, only made possible through the Lord Jesus Christ. Are you worthy of Jesus (Mt. 10:37,38)? Many who profess salvation are not and don’t have him anymore! Remember, you must endure to the end to be saved (Mt. 10:22). These things are all important to know about regarding our own personal Doomsday Clock.

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