Another Drunken Night a Potential DUI and All WITHOUT Jesus

Our society and present apostate church are filled with immoral people, including many drunkards! drunkennessGetting drunk is self-destructive, but the world’s way of anesthetizing the pain of this miserable, painful and cursed world. It is a unique sin which adversely affects the thinking processes and motor skills of the drunk. God says drunkards will not inherit his kingdom, just like adulterers, thieves, homosexuals and others, that is, unless they get forgiven and set free by the Lord Jesus (1 Cor. 6:9-11).

It is amazing how many DUI offenses of famous people are available to read about, if one wants to. That shows having a lot of money, being popular and the like is not the way to inner peace and contentment. Because drunkenness is so rampant, DUIs range from secular figures to leaders in high religious positions. Remember, a DUI is only cited if one is caught by the police. Just think how many DUIs there would be if all drunkards on the road were caught. Drinking alcohol has taken its toll. The physical damage done to one’s body, and too often through car wrecks, is clear proof, but far beyond that is the spiritual damage.

Bottoms Up, Catholic Mel Gibson

Boozing movie stars and even super athletes (like Michael Phelps, who got a DUI in 2014
) is nothing new, but surely when people associated with religion get a DUI it is noticed. drunkenness
That happened with Mel Gibson, the producer of The Passion of Christ movie in 2006. Sadly, Mel got caught driving under the numbing and dulling influence of alcohol. Mel Gibson is a religious figure (a Catholic), yet he turned to alcohol. WHY? Perhaps he knows no other way since the liberating power of the real gospel is unknown in Catholicism. The sacraments, Mary and being a Catholic can’t set anyone free from their sin addictions! Hence, Mel Gibson in 2006 remained lost and a slave to sin. [Mel Gibson is pictured to the right smoking and wearing his brown scapular.]

Another DUI For Episcopal Leader, Heather Cook

Around Christmas of 2014, Episcopal Bishop Heather Cook was driving drunk and struck and killed a man on his bicycle. That was her second known DUI! ( Heather Cook needs salvation, but her apostate denomination declares a worthless counterfeit message, instead of the real gospel. [Clearly, Heather Cook is not qualified to be in spiritual leadership (1 Tim. 3; Titus 1; 1 Peter 5).]

Occasional Drunk Thought She Was Spiritually Safe

Hank Williams was a Song Writer and Singer

Hank Williams was also a religious person and an alcoholic, who sang and wrote songs. One of his songs was House of God! He was another tragedy of a wasted life, like Elvis Presley. Don’t forget lesser known Shane Gandee. He too was a drunkard.

Read This Deliverance Testimony of a Prisoner

What is wrong? Why are so many religious figures also drunkards when they profess to knowing about Jesus’ death on the cross? Again, the problem includes their powerless and worthless gospel. Because their gospel isn’t the one and only true gospel, it therefore is without the ability to set one free from his sin addictions and radically change a person for the good, as all true Christians can identify with (Rom. 6:22). That reflects the root problem with all false teachings regarding salvation. They have no ability to overcome sin’s slavery, and that fact applies to Jehovah’s Witnesses to Mormons to Catholics, etc.

Alcoholism is a Spiritual Problem

The addiction to alcohol is a spiritual problem, according to scripture! Many Christians can testify to the fact that they have been instantly delivered from such a gripping addiction when they humbly and sincerely repented to serve God and consequently came to initial salvation. Furthermore, 1 Cor. 6:11 says such “were” [past tense] some of you, referring to people in the Corinthian church. They “were” drunkards before salvation, but not anymore! AA is wrong! The “truth set them free” (Jn. 8:32) and that “TRUTH” was/is the Lord Jesus Christ. One is set free only if he dies to self and crucifies his flesh. Such a wise action will set any sin addict free from alcoholism to pornography to drugs! The power of Jesus’ blood is greater than any sin, regardless what it is.

For all the religious drunkards who may read this, remember the greatest danger is not a DUI and losing your license or going to jail. The greatest danger for you is eternal damnation in unquenchable fire prepared for the devil and his angels! Remember also, IF you are addicted to any sin, including drunkenness — YOU are not a Christian now, even though you might have been one at some earlier point. Also, the Lord Jesus can and WILL set you free completely, if you do it his way, since drunkenness and other such addictions are a spiritual problem and he is the Great Physician.

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