Atacama Humanoid

atacama humanoidIf mankind knew all that has occurred on earth or is going on now such as the Atacama Humanoid we would surely be most surprised!

Atacama Humanoid Mysteries

There are many mysteries including the mummified body of a 6 inch creature that is not human. It could have lived decades or centuries ago and gets its name from the Atacama desert in Chile where it was found in 2003. This tiny creature, which researchers think lived 6 to 8 years, is the opposite in size of the huge Nephilim mentioned in the Bible.

Atacama Humanoid Organs And DNA

This entity has internal organs and DNA. It is definitely not a hoax, nor an unborn human. While humans have 12 ribs the Atacama Humanoid has only 10 ribs and a very large head for its body size, as well as a well-developed tooth. It is also not a human deformity nor abnormality!

Aliens Connection?

atacama humanoidCould the Atacama humanoid somehow be connected with aliens? Some think it possibly is, but regardless nothing will change Biblical truth even if aliens do exist and this so-called humanoid is the bodily remains of one! Every knee will bow and every tongue will confess that Jesus Christ is Lord (Phil. 2:10,11). Do you know Jesus? One day the Atacama Humanoid mystery will be meaningless, but that is not the case with the importance of eternal life!

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