Baptist Beliefs And Practices

Have you ever noticed the double message the once saved always saved people have? That includes the Baptists. It is glaringly obvious once your eyes are opened to their Baptist beliefs and into flame One example involves a Baptist pastor named Jack Schaap (54) and his adultery with a teenage girl, who was 16 at the time:

The church said in a news release that Schaap committed “a sin that has caused him to forfeit his right to be our pastor,” the Associated Press reports.

Another source got more specific about the sin he committed:

The board of deacons announced Schaap’s dismissal Tuesday for sinful behavior that involved adultery and physically inappropriate behavior, The Hammond Times reports.

Once Saved Always Saved Double Message

How consistent is it for the mega First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana to dismiss Jack Schaap from his position as pastor?
Let’s examinefan into flame Baptist beliefs and practices, which should align consistently, but dont! All eternal security proponents wrongly believe that all sin is of the same degree from a misuse of James 2:10. Since that is their belief, then why are they singling out Jack Schaap’s adultery? According to them, his adultery is no worse than worry, unthankfulness, not being completely humble and gentle, etc.! Also, according to their Baptist beliefs of once saved always saved, Christians are all sinning all the time and the Apostle Paul himself was the chief of sinners, based on their abuse of Rom. 7:14-25! Hence, because the whole Baptist congregation believes they are all sinning all the time and there is no greater or lesser sins, then that makes the whole deacon board, and other pastors, just as guilty as adulterous Jack Schaap! None are more pure or impure than the others, based on their doctrine!

That’s enough to prove there are problems, but there is even more evidence! The Baptist belief of once saved always saved also states that all future sins are already forgiven before they are committed and God can’t see them anyway, according to their sinister version of imputed righteousness. So what’s the big deal! Now Jack Schaap really isn’t guilty of any sin! What sin? God didn’t see any sin! If God can’t see a sin, then the once saved always saved Baptist people shouldn’t be making a big deal about it!


  • Why is the First Baptist Church of Hammond, Indiana setting apart adultery as being worse than other sins?
  • Wasn’t grace changer, Jack Schaap already forgiven before his vile wickedness with the girl was committed?
  • Since God can’t see his adultery (or any sin committed by any person once saved), then why should the deacons or any other Baptist make an issue out of this sin?

Three Ways To Commit Adultery

The truth is there are three ways to commit adultery and all three ways are just as condemning (and will drag one to hell just as fast) as the others! The three ways are through a physical union, lusting and through a marriage not recognized by God (a divorce and remarriage).  That makes at least the vast majority of the entire Baptist congregation guilty of adultery too, and not just Jack Schaap!

Folks, the Baptist beliefs and practices are in definite conflict with each other! Baptist beliefs and practices are not consistent. They have a double standard and will teach or practice things which are convenient at the time, even if not consistent with their core beliefs! Once saved always saved proponents are so blind they don’t readily notice these conflicts! Such contradictions alone are a clear and definite sign that Baptists are embracing doctrinal error, and in this case they are related to eternal life! The most destructive bit of evidence comes from the Scriptures themselves. The Bible, clearly and repeatedly, reinforces a conditional security for the believer. There is NO eternal security and the believer in Christ must endure to the end for salvation’s sake (Mt. 10:22; Heb. 3:14; etc.).

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Evangelical brother Dan Corner is a Bible holiness preacher, teacher and soul winner. Most importantly he is a Christian and former Roman Catholic.
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