Baptist Pastor Juan D. McFarland and His UNgodly Fruit

Jesus taught we can know a person by his fruit. If we examine the life of Baptist Pastor Juan D. McFarland of Alabama, false teachershis bad fruit reflects our shameful apostate hour and the unqualified spiritual leadership in spiritual positions of power and influence. The most important position of influence is a position of influence over SOULS. All pastors, evangelists, missionaries and ministers of various types have such influence to some degree, yet the VAST MAJORITY are not qualified and are therefore tools of the devil. Juan D. McFarland is just one sad example of a shameful spiritual stumbling block:

Sexually Immoral Baptist Pastor, Drug Addict and Thief

A pastor shocked his Montgomery, Ala., congregation and the entire community with the admission that he had sex with female church members while knowing that he had AIDS…. “He was on marijuana, cocaine and all the drugs you can think of,” Williams said. “Those are his words.” Williams said that McFarland also acknowledged that he had used money given to him for conventions on having “a good time.” According to WSFA-TV in Montgomery, after the Sept. 14 announcement, McFarland confirmed everything he shared with the congregation, including sex with parishioners, the drug use and the mishandling of church money. WSFA reports that McFarland was removed as pastor of Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church on Sunday …. Church leaders initiated a vote to have McFarland removed as pastor, Williams said. The vote was 80 to two in favor of removal, he said. Williams said since the vote, McFarland has changed the locks on the church and changed the church’s bank account, leaving other church leaders without access. Church leaders are consulting with lawyers and the bank to figure out a solution, he said. ( )

Scandals like that with Juan D. McFarland continue on in one fashion or another, but always to the hurt and shame of Christianity as a whole, even though McFarland is a child of the devil. Christianity is the truth. It has the one and only gospel to save souls from damnation (Acts 4:12; 1 John 5:12; etc.). That gospel of grace sets the repentant instantly free from their sin addictions (Rom. 6:22), but if a person like Juan D. McFarland is in a position of power over souls, he will do much more spiritual damage by his example than if he never professed salvation to begin with.

I can only wonder how the damnable heresy of eternal security might have adversely affected McFarland’s behavior and spiritual condition since it is so prevalent among Baptists. Of course, the Baptist doctrine of once saved always saved will say he remains a Christian now even while unrepentant, if he was ever saved at any point. Charles Stanley would boldly affirm that. Such false teachers believe there are Christian drug addicts, Christian thieves, Christian adulterers, etc. proving that this dogma is a license to sin taught under grace. In fact, just yesterday I spoke to a professing Christian who is an OSAS proponent and Charles Stanley devotee, who believes there are Christian heroin junkies!

TESTIMONY: I Thought Eternal Security Kept Me Safe As An Occasional Drunkard

Those that think going to church is the essence and epitome of the Christian life need to rethink their view! Without question, it was to one’s great DISADVANTAGE AND HARM to go the Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church when pastor Juan D. McFarland was sowing to the flesh (Gal. 6:8,9), especially if one was a woman who caught the eye of McFarland. Besides the women who got HIV from him, the harm done in that congregation alone is incalculable! How the devil loves servants like McFarland. Too bad he isn’t the only one like that! Press on saints. Keep your eyes on JESUS, the King.

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