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Jezebel – The Thyatira Tyrant

The church at Thyatira had a very unique situation, with its resultant problems. From it we can learn much including the truth that even the congregations in first-century Christianity had serious problems! After the Lord commended the angel (or messenger … Continue reading

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A Chilling Encounter With The Spiritually Blind

Recently my wife and I had a chilling encounter with a Baptist’s minister’s wife. After she received our heaven/hell gospel tract and mentioned who she was, I asked if she believed in once saved always saved. She responded, NO. That … Continue reading

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Adultery Then Sudden Destruction

Adulterous affairs—they happen far too frequently in this wicked world to the shame and hurt of all involved. Jesus said it was an adulterous generation and many are acting it out. Recently, both a married adulterer (Wayne Hamilton, a deejay … Continue reading

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I Got Divorced Because My Husband Cheated

I got divorced because my husband cheated on me more than once. I caught him and he was also addicted to pornography and made many lewd suggestions. I know the Bible allows divorce only in this case. As I was … Continue reading

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Temptation Of Money

Recently in SW Pennsylvania, we were surprised by the murder and theft of 2.3 million dollars in an armored car robbery by one of the guards, Kenneth Konias, Jr. Konias murdered his partner (Michael Haines) and left with the cash! … Continue reading

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Do Not Conform To Past Evil Desires

The Christian life is an ongoing battle. The devil never gives up with his deceitful schemes to recapture the saints he lost. Besides false teachings, he can present the Christian’s past life (when he was a child of the devil, … Continue reading

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We live in a world of sin and deception. That includes the church world, which is supposed to be the pillar and foundation of the truth (1 Tim. 3:15), but isn’t in our day! The sin of adultery, caused by … Continue reading

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You Can NOT Sin And Get Away With It

One thing is certain, you can NOT sin and get away with it. No one has ever done it and you will not be the first! Sin is still the issue, can send you to hell and God knows when … Continue reading

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Lead Us Not Into Temptation

Of all the many things to pray for and about, many overlook the lead us not into temptation prayer. Temptation is the diabolical act by which the devil tries to make sin through or with a person, place or thing, … Continue reading

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Sin Is The Issue

Sin is the issue and has always been the issue throughout the entire history of mankind and even before with Lucifer. This has been shown to be the case with God’s warning to Adam about eating the forbidden fruit in … Continue reading

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