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Will Humans Live 500 Years Through Genetic Tweaking

In the earlier days of Genesis, some people lived beyond 900 years (Gen. 5:14, 20,27). Since the Great Flood in Noah’s day, human life has greatly decreased, but different scientists are now saying it can be extended exceedingly from this … Continue reading

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The Lie of Immortality Without Jesus

It is too bad so many people are so easily swayed by so-called scholars, experts and scientists to believe a certain way, especially when their message sometimes contradicts the proven word of God (the Bible). This is a common practice … Continue reading

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Bread Of Life Needed For Eternal Life

After one of the times that Jesus performed the miracle of multiplying the loaves and fish, he gave us a wonderful salvation teaching, again pointing people to himself. This time he made an analogy between himself and bread. He stated … Continue reading

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Will You Eat From The Tree Of Life

The tree of life no longer grows on our planet, but it once did in the garden of Eden when Adam and Eve were there. It was located in the center of Eden next to the forbidden fruit growing from … Continue reading

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