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The Wiles Of The Devil – Exorcism

The Bible speaks of the wiles of the devil showing the enemy of our soul is very crafty and scheming (Eph. 6:11)! Because of his deceitful abilities, Christians are told to put on the whole armor of God to stand … Continue reading

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Pope Francis and The Catholic Mary

On October 13, 2013 Pope Francis entrusted the world to the most powerful entity he knows. That personage is Catholicism’s Mary, who is sovereign, as various Catholic authorities have called her, including Pope John Paul II. Pope Francis Entrusting The … Continue reading

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Another Lying Devil

Our day is rampant with blatant outlandish religious deception. Such deceit often comes through various types of religious leaders cloaked with authority. For example, Stephen Scheier, a Catholic priest, gives his alleged NDE testimony of what he claims happened after … Continue reading

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Fell From Heaven

Imagine trying to evangelize in a major city that is extremely engrossed in false religion centering around a female deity! That is what it was like for Paul when he went into Ephesus, but that’s not all! Paul stirred up … Continue reading

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God On His Throne

God on his throne is the center of the universe. It is from there that the Almighty creator God rules his universe. The Lord Jesus came from there to come to earth and both Paul and John were caught up … Continue reading

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Catholic Sacred Tradition

[BIBLE QUESTION] I’m 20 years old and a practicing Catholic. I read some of the things on your website and I felt inclined to contact you. First, I would like to commend your great effort in the search for Truth. … Continue reading

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